I study syntax with an emphasis on endangered language documentation. I find ellipsis (esp. gapping) and serial verb constructions fascinating. My background is a mix of linguistics and design and I am currently a first-year PhD student at UC Berkeley.

departmental talks

  • Developing the next generation of researchers investigating Khoisan languages October 17, 2019 @ FForum
    [handout, slides]

research experience

  • Research Assistant to Prof. Chris Collins, Training Students for Fieldwork on the Khoisan Languages, NSF Grant #1760980 June 2018 — 2020
    Attended CoLang 2018. Summers 2019, 2020, & 2021 in Botswana, I will oversee technological aspects of fieldwork and lead group elicitations (Cua; Central Khoisan) to train undergraduate students in documentary fieldwork. Will prepare all metadata for ELAR deposit.
  • Postbaccalaureate Research Assistant to Prof. Maria Polinsky at the University of Maryland, College Park August 2018 — May 2019
    Copy- and style-edited 23-chapter Handbook of the Languages of the Caucasus; created Praat pitch tracks of VOS/VSO alternations in Tongan; led Field Methods (Aklanon; Austronesian); managed Prof. Polinsky’s website & IRB.
  • Research Assistant to Prof. Zvjezdana Vrzic, Documentation of the Vlashki/Zheyanski Language, NSF Grant #1160696 October 2015 — October 2018
    Assisted with Fieldworks Language Explorer data management & entry, text compilation, text editing, dictionary formatting, and ELAR archive deposit of print, audio, video media.
  • Independent Researcher (Gurung; Sino-Tibetan) January 4 — 24, 2017
    Led linguistic fieldwork with 2 colleagues in Sikles, Nepal to document the threatened Sikles dialect of Gurung. Led elicitation sessions. Produced annotated audio & video.
  • Volunteer at Endangered Language Alliance July 2014 — May 2017
    Led weekly meetings with a speaker of Sikles Gurung to perform interviews, record oral texts, transcribe, gloss, analyze, translate texts in Fieldworks Language Explorer, and elicit & record syntactic and lexical data.
  • Assistant to Prof. Zvjezdana Vrzic at DERSII 2016 July 10 — 15, 2016
    Provided technical & logistical assistance at Prof. Vrzic’s 2-week workshop, Documentation and Revitalization of the Istriot Language (Istrioto; Romance), in Rovinj, Croatia. Helped teach Fieldworks Language Explorer, WeSay, and SayMore.
  • Research Assistant to Prof. Chris Collins April 2 — May 14, 2016
    Lived in Botswana for 6 weeks to assist documenting Sasi & Kua (two moribund Khoisan languages). Tasked with photography & videography, Fieldworks Language Explorer data management, & assistance during elicitation. Coded a dictionary parsing script in PHP to convert MS Word dictionary into Fieldworks database. Designed print & web spelling primers for Sasi.
  • ‘Filling in the Gaps’ (Honors Thesis, Highest Honors) July 2014 — April 2015
    Wrote honors thesis about gapping & presented novel data on ‘resumptive gapping.’ Met weekly with Prof. Chris Collins & did an extensive literature review. Designed an informal survey to collect native speaker judgments about gapping constructions (n=139).
  • U.S. Dept. of State’s Critical Language Scholarship Summer 2013
    Lived in Suzhou (蘇州) for 2 months of total immersion in Mandarin on the campus of Suzhou University (蘇大). Attended intensive speaking, reading, writing classes daily for 4 hours with 2-hour tutoring sessions thereafter.


  • University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D. in progress since 2019) — Linguistics
  • New York University (B.A. 2015) — Linguistics, High Honors; Minors: Mandarin Chinese, Global Visual Arts


  • 2019 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP)
  • 2015 Phi Beta Kappa; Robert A. Fowkes Prize for High Achievement in Linguistics at NYU; Magna Cum Laude; NYU Dean’s List (all 4 years)
  • 2013 Bernard and Dorothy Layton Foundation Scholarship; Liberal Studies Dean’s Circle
  • 2011 USCPFA Bellinson Scholarship Award for Excellence in Chinese